Classic Earrings (1316) - Amethyst, Blue Topaz / YG

Classic Earrings (1316) - Amethyst, Blue Topaz / YG


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The Classics Collection has little to do with "what of-the-moment" and more with what styles will speak to us forever. These are some of our favorites, the ones that belong to your personal collection.

  • 18K Yellow Gold Vermeil over 925 Silver - 3.3grs
  • Amethyst, Blue Topaz - 20.8 cts
  • Closure: Lever Back closure
  • 2 White Topaz round 1.0 mm diamond cut 

It begins with the selection of the best rough gemstones, directly from the mines, and permeates the entire process until the finished piece.

But what is Vermeil? Vermeil is a style of gold plating. Not to be confused with regular gold plating, vermeil jewelry must have a sterling silver base with a coating of gold laid over top.

Gold thickness, the type of base metal and purity of gold are three factors that determine whether the piece is considered vermeil.

Vianna Fashion complies to the tandards for vermeil, being coated with 18K Gold.